Prefix db passing to repository class


what is the best practice for passing the table prefix to the repository. In my project, depending on the controller, I would like to retrieve data from repository queries, but with different prefix depending on the state of the master object. Let’s say for active products (a_products table where I keep the product status) I fetch data from active related tables “a_products_category”, “a_products_info” etc, but when I change the product status to inactive the data from the tables are copied to the tables with inactive items like “a_archive_products_category”, “a_archive_products_info” etc. This solution is optimal for me in terms of database performance. The question is whether to pass the prefixes as a variable to each method called, or is there a better way.

You mention repositories. Do you use an ORM system like Doctrine or do you use Laminas’ own DBAL system?

I dont use ORM. I use Laminas own DBAL system

Step1: You Can create 4 different repositories:

  1. Table named as a_products_category,
  2. a_products_info,
  3. a_archive_products_category,

Step2:Create service which copy data from tables to archive
Step3: check in controller for product status and call service method

I’ll do that.

Anyway i think pass table name(prefix) as param is a bad way.

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Hi @ kliker02

Thank you for your suggestions. I had doubts about creating a repository copy of the tables a_… for a_archive_… (basically the same functions) is not duplicating code and functions, i.e. denying object-oriented programming, and passing a parameter with a prefix will result in no copying of methods that basically do the same thing.

If a database is used or which table is a detail that is only of interest at the persistence layer!

For example, use a repository with the following methods:

interface ProductRepositoryInterface
    public function fetchActiveProducts(): ProductCollection;

    public function fetchInactiveProducts(): ProductCollection;

This makes it uninteresting for the rest of the application where and how something is stored.

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Thank you for your help. I will do according to your instructions ( froschdesign and kliker02).