About zf3 components's config confusion

Hi :joy:,

I have been always confised by the zf3 configuration. I have read a topic Add plugin to RoutePluginManager

@samsonasik @Alaksander_A

Add a route_plugins key to config file, it seems route_plugins named by random,
I wonder to know who will consume the configuration the keys like route_plugins, or like lol_faces.
Is there any standords for us to follow? the config key can be any words or can be any words which obey some format or certain words [which have a list given]? That’s important for beginner like me.

Thank you in advance!

There is no apparent standard unfortunately. I often have to resort to reading source code of the component I want to use and see what options it reads in its constructor.

You can use \Zend\Router\RoutePluginManager::class instead of route_plugins same for others.