API-Tools with mssql server

I am trying to use MSSQL server in some api’s and can’t find any good instructions for using api-tools with freetds on linux. Specifically I am on CentOS 7 running php 7.4 from EPEL. Whats the best way to connect in this situation ? Thanks in advance,

What are you using for your DB layer? Laminas-DB, Doctrine, native PHP?

Laminas-DB as well as some plain db connected api’s using the built in mechanism. I just need can’t find good docs to get Sqlsrv working is all thanks. Seems this place is pretty quite

When using freetds, you are pretty much stuck with using plain old ODBC, at least in my experience (but you can still throw MSSQL specific SQL at it).
I am assuming you got already a connection working? (odbc.ini or whatever is used)
From there on odbc_pconnect, odbc_execute, odbc* is your friend.

Thanks so how do I add obdc to the drop down in the create an adapter area of the admin ui ? I have found many articles that show how to use freetds but none how to incorporate that info api-tools.

In case anyone else finds my post and needs assistance here is what I found that is working great. Forget about setting up the db adapter in the api-tools gui and edit local.php in your config/autoload directory and configure your server like this:

'dbName' => [
    'database' => 'dbName',
    'driver' => 'PDO_Mssql',
    'dsn' => 'dblib:host=hostname_used_in_freetdsconf;dbname=dbName',
    'charset' =>  'UTF-8',
    'hostname' => 'hostname of server',
    'username' => 'username',
    'password' => 'password',
    'pdoType' => 'dblib',

You then have to put a matching entry in your /etc/freetds.conf like so:

host= hostname of server
port = 1433
tds version = 7.4

You can find out which tds version from this doc:

I hope this helps other people