Apigility with PHP-FPM

I installed php-fpm along with nginx it can interpret php pages but I am having
this error with Apigility.

020/01/06 18:04:25 [error] 10045#0: *17 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Zend\ModuleManager\Exception\MissingDependencyModuleException:
Module “ZF\Apigility\Doctrine\Admin” depends on module “ZF\Apigility\Admin”, which was not initialized before it in /var/www/easy/api/vendor/zendframework/zend-modulem

If anyone can help me thank you!!

@Thiago_A Check order of modules in config/modules.config.php
ZF\Apigility\Admin should be in the list and above ZF\Apigility\Doctrine\Admin module