ApplicationPipeline not found

I have updated to mezzio 3.0 due to php 8.0 update and now getting this error.
The ApplicationPipeline is in the same namespace as the application factory but its not there



namespace Mezzio\Container;

use Laminas\HttpHandlerRunner\RequestHandlerRunner;
use Mezzio\Application;
use Mezzio\ApplicationPipeline;
use Mezzio\MiddlewareFactory;
use Mezzio\Router\RouteCollector;
use Mezzio\Router\RouteCollectorInterface;
use Psr\Container\ContainerInterface;

 * Create an Application instance.
 * This class consumes three other services, and one pseudo-service (service
 * that looks like a class name, but resolves to a different resource):
 * - Mezzio\MiddlewareFactory.
 * - Mezzio\ApplicationPipeline, which should resolve to a
 *   Laminas\Stratigility\MiddlewarePipeInterface instance.
 * - Mezzio\Router\RouteCollector.
 * - Laminas\HttpHandler\RequestHandlerRunner.
class ApplicationFactory

Uncaught Laminas\ServiceManager\Exception\ServiceNotFoundException: Unable to resolve service "Mezzio\ApplicationPipeline" to a factory; are you certain you provided it during configuration? in /home/sps/project/vertical/latest/vendor/laminas/laminas-servicemanager/src/ServiceManager.php:588

My first thought would be checking if there is a config cache file in the data directory and delete it.