Configure StorageAdapterFactory from the config

Currently it is only possible to configure the StorageAdapterFactory using delegators such as laminas-cache-storage-adapter-memory/AdapterPluginManagerDelegatorFactory.php at 2.1.x · laminas/laminas-cache-storage-adapter-memory · GitHub. I wanted to understand why this Service Manager works like that and not like say the InputFilterManager where you can register all services using the config. Is this something you’d consider?

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You can configure what you want but maybe you can first describe what your goal is and where the problem lies in achieving it.

I had to write a custom storage adapter for my company and got a bit surprised in how I had to inject it in the StorageAdapterFactory. It is working now so no real reason to change it beside to make it work like other service managers.
This is more a “I want to understand why this was done differently” kind of issue.

Please see the release notes of version 2.12.0 of laminas-cache for some backgrounds:

The main background is the splitting of the adapters into individual components.

Thank you @froschdesign !

I did not mention why I’ve chosen delegator factories over a recursively merged plugin manager configuration within the projects $config.

Every other service manager laminas provides does have a dedicated configuration key (such as validators) but the laminas-cache component never had such configuration key.

One of the main benefits of having delegators is that due to the usage of ServiceManager#configure, we do have type-safety on a static-analysis level due to the parameter type declaration of the $config argument:


 * @psalm-param ServiceManagerConfiguration $config

So whenever a delegator is used, type-safety can be achieved before executing any LoC. If you just add some random array keys to (for example) your ConfigProvider::__invoke, you might probably not have that advantage.

I am open for an RFC on github where we can discuss if we should want to add a new $config array key for the AdapterPluginManager (and the other plugin manager* within the laminas-cache component).

I understand that there might be minor performance reasons on why one might want to have a cached config instead of delegators which need to be instantiated + invoked to configure the plugin managers.