Connect my application with a database

Hello everybody,

I’m working on my first Laminas project! I am currently trying to integrate a pypMyAdmin database into my application. Unfortunately that doesn’t really work.

Can someone give me some tips on this? Do I have to rewrite the Dockerfile for this?

Thank you!

Have you worked through the “Getting Started” tutorial? The tutorial uses the database and contains the configuration for its use.

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Can you please clarify what do you mean by integrating phpMyAdmin database into your application? PHPMyAdmin is just a web based tool for you to manage your underlying database (MySQL or MariaDB). If you would like to know how to query data from your database and display on your web application, do check out (as suggested by froschdesign) the official tutorial Database and Models - tutorials - Laminas Docs.
Personally, I’m using Doctrine ORM, which helps to eliminate a lot of code writing. Do check out Oleg Krivtsov’s tutorial here.