Does exist some tutorial about zend-stratigility and 'MiddlewareListener'?

Here is the mention of ‘MiddlewareListener’. Can somebody give me some links on tutorials with examples of using zend-stratigility and ‘MiddlewareListener’ and how to integrate it into project based on zend-mvc and apigility? It would be great to see simple authentication middleware with such body:


Have you seen the related section in the documentation of zend-mvc: Dispatching PSR-7 Middleware - zend-mvc - Zend Framework Docs

Yes, I have but I don’t understand what is:

$app = new MiddlewarePipe();

$server = Server::createServer([$app, 'handle'], $_SERVER, $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE, $_FILES);

// Landing page
$app->pipe(middleware(function ($req, $handler) {

and what to do with that and how to integrate it into zend-mvc and apigility.

All this is not needed, because it’s already included in zend-mvc. Follow the description in documentation; create a middleware and add the correct routing configuration.

It doesn’t seems to be so obvious. I have found this skeleton but it isn’t what I need. It looks like as standalone project without integration into zend-mvc.