Does Zend Expressive work with Zend Form/Zend Filter?

I bought @RalfEggert s Book on ZF3 (in German) and red a little about Zend Expressive. For a small project (collection of “people” lets say, artists, with single-artist pages, overviews and upload-forms -databased) including the ambition to learn more about ZF, we started with MVC and I am now considering switching to Zend Expressive. A question which probably shows that I am not yet deep into this: does Zend\Form Zend\Filter (I managed to create a file-upload-form with Zend\MVC) work the same way with Zend Expressive or is there a “wiring behind the curtains” in MVC which Expressive does not have (asking may-be @weierophinney too). Thanks for your eventual replies. Frank Ix

The answer by Matthew Wire O’Phinney is here at github.