Encrypt database parameter in config files

Hi everyone,
I would like to know if someone tried to encrypt the database credentials stored in the config files ?
Or How can we make it possible ?
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Hey @ebuddy ,

can you tell us why you want to encrypt database credentials?

There are two points I see here:

  • Everything what 's encrypted can be decrypted.
  • Everytime you establish a database connection with this encrypted credentials, you 'll have to do some decryption magic, that has no effort and will cost you more than you 'll get.

I would like to do that because I do not want to expose this credentials to any unauthorized user.

It 's not common or recommended to encrypt database credentials. In my eyes this kind of encryption makes no sense, because everything what 's encrypted, can and must be decrypted. I 'd recommend to store your credentials in a config file. This config file should be stored in a protected directory, which only authorized users (e.g. system administrators) can access.

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Ok. Thank you for your answer @ezkimo