Fatal error: Declaration of Commun\View\Helper\FormRowTd::render

Hello everyone.
I’m back again with my school web application which worked very fine. I do not know why I get this error.

I need to say that everything was fine and I regularly update my packages with composer in order to have the lastest update.
Someone can help please ?

Make sure the referenced methods signatures are compatible. When did it start throwing the error? Last change?

Hi @Tyrsson , I updated every week my packages and I opened the application yesterday.
And then I saw this error. I have not maked any change in my code since almost 8 months.

The error message clearly states that the method signature has been changed. Since this means a break in backward compatibility and Laminas follows semantic versioning, you have switched to a new major version. For laminas-form this means a switch from version 2 to version 3.
This means you need to check the migration guide of the component to see what to do:

In your specific case, there was a change to the FormRow view helper.

Version 2

Version 3

But you should have noticed this earlier, because version 3 was already released in June 2021. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Thank you very much. I updated my code like you said and it works

But the signature of the function in my code editor tells me a syntax error :

Anyway it’s works now. How can I set the good signature wihout getting this error in my editor ?

You must set the correct PHP version for your editor. It looks like Netbeans, so check the “Source” category in “Project Properties”.

@froschdesign Ok I will do that.
One day you asked me to do some packages in order to share with others.
I will also do that. I made mutiple code snipet in my project that can help others. But before deploying anything I will share it here for advice.
Thankyou again @froschdesign