flashNow() in mezzio-flash

I’m slightly confused by the behavior/implementation of the flashNow() method in mezzio-flash. My context is mezzio-flash on top of mezzio-session using psr7-session/storageless[-mezzio-integration].

The behavior I’m getting is that if I set a message with flashNow(), and display it later in the same request, it also persists until the next request.

The description in the method comment on flashNow() suggests this is intended ( " … during the current request as well"):

   * Set a flash value with the given key, but allow access during this request.
   * Flash values are generally accessible only on subsequent requests;
   * using this method, you may make the value available during the current
   * request as well.
   * @param mixed $value
   public function flashNow(string $key, $value, int $hops = 1): void
       $this->currentMessages[$key] = $value;
       $this->flash($key, $value, $hops);

I’m having a hard time deciding if that’s actually intended or not. If it is, I’m not seeing the use-case.

My expectation is that messages set via flashNow() would only be available to the current request, or in the alternative, available in the current xor next request - but never both. Removing the call to $this->flash() in the method excerpted above gets me the behavior that meets my expectation.

Am I missing a use case here? If this is a bug, I’m kind of astonished, and don’t see an elegant way to fix it without breaking BC.

Hello and welcome to our forums! :smiley:

I’m sorry, I overlooked your post.

Please report this in the issue tracker of the component, because I do not know the exact background of the behaviour. Thanks in advance!

I was hesitant to file an issue at first, since my intuition that I’m missing an important point is so strong. But I’ve opened one at yoru suggestion:

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