Getting AbstractPluginManager::__construct expects a ContainerInterface at Laminas-Feed

I’m getting this error when calling to $extensions = new ExtensionPluginManager();

Seems self-explanatory?

I don’t get it, AbstractPluginManager uses Psr\Container\ContainerInterface. I followed the documentation of the webpage, I don’t know what to do :frowning:

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With laminas-servicemanager you have a PSR container interface implementation:

$extensions = new Laminas\Feed\Reader\ExtensionPluginManager(
    new Laminas\ServiceManager\ServiceManager()

/** @var Laminas\Feed\Reader\Extension\Atom\Feed $atomFeed */
$atomFeed = $extensions->get(Laminas\Feed\Reader\Extension\Atom\Feed::class);

But there is also a standalone extension manager:

$extensions = new Laminas\Feed\Reader\StandaloneExtensionManager();

/** @var Laminas\Feed\Reader\Extension\Atom\Feed $atomFeed */
$atomFeed = $extensions->get('Atom\Feed');

Can you provide a link which documentation you mean?

Hi! First of all, thanks for all your help! I followed this: Basic Usage - laminas-feed - Laminas Docs

I updated my code with your example and now the error dissapeared but I got this:

Could not load extension "Youtube" using Plugin Loader. Check prefix paths are configured and extension exists.

My code is the following:

Use the correct names:

$extensionManager = Laminas\Feed\Reader\Reader::getExtensionManager();

// Add extension for entry to the extension manager

// Register the extension so that the reader also uses it for the feeds

The method registerExtension works for feed and entry therefore only the first part of the name is needed here.


Thanks again! I tried a lot of alternatives and with this one that you answer i get:

“Plugin of type Extensions\YouTube\Entry is invalid; must implement Laminas\Feed\Reader\Extension\AbstractFeed or Laminas\Feed\Reader\Extension\AbstractEntry”

The class already extends AbstractEntry. I’ve tried with extends and implements but doesn’t affect:

Make sure your class is loaded, use Composer for this.