How do I send variables to an error layout in ZF3?

What is the right way to send variables to the layout templete for it be approachable in error pages?

I have AppFrontController above all my frontend controllers. It have code (code is near) in onDispatch() method:

 $assocArrayOfVars = $this->MyPlugin()->getDbVariablesArray();
  foreach($assocArrayOfVars as $name => $value){
     $this->layout()->$name = $value;

  list($catalog, $count_goods) = $this->MyPlugin()->getStandardCatalogDataForLayout();
  $this->layout()->catalog = $catalog;
  $this->layout()->count_goods = $count_goods;

As the result, I have my local variables in every frontend page. But I have’nt it in an error page. How I can to deside this problem? I very need your advices! Thank you!

I placed a few comments under the copy/paste SO question, here. Did you give that a shot?

Use a listener instead of a “parent controller”. All based information can be found in the zend-mvc documentation and different code examples here in the forum.

Thank you for your advices! Problem solved. Code of final version Module.php file below. I use
listener instead of a “parent controller” by [froschdesign] advice.

 public function onBootstrap(MvcEvent $event)
      $application = $event->getApplication();
      $eventManager = $application->getEventManager();
      $eventManager->attach('dispatch', array($this, 'loadConfiguration'), 2);
      $eventManager->attach('dispatch.error', array($this, 'loadConfiguration'), 2);

 public function loadConfiguration(MvcEvent $e)
      $application = $e->getApplication();
      $sm = $application->getServiceManager();
      $sharedManager = $application->getEventManager()->getSharedManager();

      $router = $sm->get('router');
      $request = $sm->get('request');

      $zendCart = $sm->get('ControllerPluginManager')->get('ZendCart');
      $myPlugin = $sm->get('ControllerPluginManager')->get('MyPlugin');
      $viewModel = $e->getViewModel();

      $viewModel->setVariable('total', $zendCart->total());
      $viewModel->setVariable('total_items', $zendCart->total_items());

      $viewModel->setVariable('rusmonth', $rusmonth);

      /* Layout variables */
      $assocArrayOfVars = $myPlugin->getDbVariablesArray();
      foreach ($assocArrayOfVars as $name => $value) {
         $viewModel->setVariable($name, $value);

      list($catalog, $count_goods) = $myPlugin->getStandardCatalogDataForLayout();
      $viewModel->setVariable('catalog', $catalog);
      $viewModel->setVariable('count_goods', $count_goods);