How the redis work in laminas-mvc not as cache storage?

I worked out a filesystem cache adapter as

then I changed it into a redis one like

These part is too complicate Adapters - laminas-cache - Laminas Docs

Generally, I would like to store a redis connection instance inside the container before. This way will keep just one instance in the whole lifecycle. But was told that not to change container and keep it stateless.

What should I do with a normal redis operation, not for a cache purpose?

Your entire BaseFuncModel class is only a workaround. It looks like a class that creates different objects of your application, so it combines different factories in one class.

I think the following could work: create a separate factory for the cache and then you can create a factory for Redis itself that fetches Redis from the cache.

But I don’t know why you want to access Redis directly because you make the whole principle of the laminas-cache component and the interchangeable adapters useless!

Becuase I want to use Redis not as a cache purpose, in my opinion, lpush/rpop, such kind of list operation doesn’t sound like cache.

Then try my suggestion:

Okay, I will try. Should I register a service-kind class? with a factory to do the DI job?
And then register it via the moduel.config.php’s service_manager key?

Or register it in Module.php’s getServiceConfig() method?

Is there any difference between moduel.config.php’s service_manager key and Module.php’s getServiceConfig() method?



return [
    'service_manager' => [
        'factories' => [
            Redis::class => Application\MyRedisFactory::class,
    // …

Use only one option and I recommend the configuration file.

Ok, thank you! Your suggestion is obviously the best solution!

I tried to follow your recommendation,

I typed Redis in the phpstorm IDE, it suggested as follow:

If I choose the first one, then it import use Laminas\Cache\Storage\Adapter\Redis;
If I choose the second one, then \Redis::class

Which one should I choose? If I choose the first one, will it affect my function redisCacheApdater()

Besides, what should I do when I need to inject the Redis::class into my controller’s __construct method?

I didn’t create a factory for each controller. I use abstract_factories LazyControllerAbstractFactory::class

You don’t want the cache adapter, so do not use his name. The Redis::class comes with redis extension of PHP, use this. But create a custom factory for it.

If you register Redis::class in the service manager or something else like Foobar::class or Something::class then the LazyControllerAbstractFactory::class of laminas-mvc or the ReflectionBasedAbstractFactory of laminas-servicemanager will find it under these names.

There is no magic, only some simple matching! :smiley:

I got the error

Unable to create controller "Application\Controller\ForumController"; unable to resolve parameter "redis" using type hint "Application\Controller\Redis"

my module.config.php

I wrote a CommonRedisFactory like

 * single instance of redis connnection

namespace Application\Service\Factory;

use Interop\Container\ContainerInterface;
use Interop\Container\Exception\ContainerException;
use Laminas\ServiceManager\Exception\ServiceNotCreatedException;
use Laminas\ServiceManager\Exception\ServiceNotFoundException;
use Laminas\ServiceManager\Factory\FactoryInterface;

class CommonRedisFactory implements FactoryInterface

    public function __invoke(ContainerInterface $container, $requestedName, array $options = null)
        $redis = new \Redis();
        $redis->connect('localhost', 6379);
        return $redis;

controller __construct like:

class ForumController extends AbstractActionController
    public $forumMainTable;
    public $userFavoriteTable;
    public $baseFuncModel;
    public $forumClassTable;
    public $redis;

    public function __construct(ForumMainTable $forumMainTable, UserFavoriteTable $userFavoriteTable, BaseFuncModel $baseFuncModel, ForumClassTable $forumClassTable, Redis $redis)
        $this->forumMainTable = $forumMainTable;
        $this->userFavoriteTable = $userFavoriteTable;
        $this->baseFuncModel = $baseFuncModel;
        $this->forumClassTable = $forumClassTable;
        $this->redis = $redis;

Not work in this way.

See the error message because there is no class Application\Controller\Redis and for that reason PHPStorm highlights Redis in your controller.

Typical namespace error: you must import the Redis in your controller class:

// …
use Laminas\Mvc\Controller\AbstractActionController;
use Redis;

class ForumController extends AbstractActionController
    // …


Thank you! I adopt your way. I belive it is the best way! Thank you so much for your time and efforts.