How to test Controller with csrf element in Form

I am writing unittests for my controllers that also handle form-submits.
everything is working fine so far. I am using the library laminas-test to dispatch the requests.

Now I added a csrf-element to my form but I don’t know how to get the csrf-token so that I am able to dispatch a request with a valid token to test this behaviour too.

Is there any way to do this with the component “laminas-test” or any other way?

You should can simulate page opened first, grab the body, and use regex to get csrf value, for example:

        preg_match('/(?<=name="csrf" value=")(.{32})/', $body, $matches);
        $formData = [
            'csrf'       => $matches[0],
            // other fields here...

after it, use the $formData variable to make new request with post method.

Thank you for your response.
Since phpunit is deleting all session-data after each test I ended up recreating the csrfToken with the same name before dispatching the requests so I always have the correct token and everything is working as expected.