I face the error - 'Class "NumberFormatter" not found ' when I use Element Range

I am facing this error Class “NumberFormatter” when I use Range Element in the form.


since the NumberFormatter class is not used by the range form element itself, it would be useful when you give us more information about the occuring error. Is a stack trace available? The class NumberFomatter requires a valid intl extension.

Can you check, if the intl extension is installed and activated in php.ini?

I un-commented the intl extension but that has not helped either. There is nothing more to it except it had worked earlier and may be I updated some package and I am facing this error. I will again get back to this later and will share the details.

A restart of the web server is also required.


The Range element uses Laminas\I18n\Validator\IsFloat which needs PHP’s NumberFormatter class: