Inject parameters into controller action

Hi there !

I’m currently working on a legacy ZF2 app and I would really much like to simplify controller code. One way to do that would be, for example on a post request, to hydrate an object with the content of user data to be passed to the function.
By adding some custom key-values pairs in my route configuration and override the AbstractActionController::onDispatch listener function so that

        $actionResponse = $this->$method();


        $actionResponse = call_user_func_array([$this, $method], $args]);

where $args would contain the result of the aforementioned hydration.

The controller function would then read

         public function myAction(Purchase $purchase)
              // Do something with data

instead of

          public function myAction()
              $amount = (double) $this->getRequest()->getPost('amount');

Casting could be done through the hydration process and controller code would benefit from an object with a proper name and data ready to be processed.

I’m surprised nothing in Zend exists to achieve this. There may be something I’ve missed !

The inspiration is clearly the ParamConverter feature in Symfony Framework.

Thanks in advance