InlineScript and CSP nonce attribute


how I can add attribute nonce to InlineScript helper?

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If you activate the IDE auto-completion in your template scripts:

 * @var Laminas\View\Renderer\PhpRenderer $this

Then you will see the available methods like this:

<?= $this->inlineScript()
    ->prependFile($this->basePath('main.js'), 'text/javascript', ['nonce' => '123456']) ?>

With setAllowArbitraryAttributes you can allow custom attributes and on the 3. parameter of prependFile you can set an array of attributes for the script element.

I did’t find this information in the documentation: InlineScript - laminas-view - Laminas Docs

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If you miss something in the documentation then please open an issue report in the related issue tracker. Thanks in advance! :+1: