isFloat throws AssertionError

After updating my applications dependencies this morning i started getting this error when a validator chain contains isFLoat





assert($lastStringGroup !== '')

my validator and filter chain are set in the getInputFilterSpecification of my form like so:

    'name'    => 'min_gpa',
    'validators' => [
            'name' => 'NotEmpty',
            'name' => 'IsFloat',
    'filters' => [
        ['name' => StripTags::class],
        ['name' => StringTrim::class],

Before today if it was empty it would say “a value is required”. now i get the exception.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you give an example value that can be used to reproduce the problem?

If the field min_gpa is blank it used to return the Value is required. Now if its blank it throws the Assertion Error. It also Doesn’t matter if i put the NotEmpty before or after the isFloat.

My mistake, I had overlooked the fact that it was an empty string.

Please perform an update via Composer:

the patch fixed the issue thank you.