Laminas/automatic-releases: how do you stop the milestones?

I’m trying to setup the laminas/automatic-releases workflow on doctrine/dbal, and got a question about the milestone creation step in my review: what if we don’t need a milestone to be created, because this is the last patch version of this minor, or the last minor version of this major?

Will a milestone be created, and then we have to delete it manually?

The configuration is in the github workflow itself. Search for the Create new milestones step (it should be at the end) and remove it:

      - name: "Create new milestones"
        uses: "laminas/automatic-releases@v1"
          command-name: "laminas:automatic-releases:create-milestones"
          "GITHUB_TOKEN": ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
          "SIGNING_SECRET_KEY": ${{ secrets.SIGNING_SECRET_KEY }}
          "GIT_AUTHOR_NAME": ${{ secrets.GIT_AUTHOR_NAME }}
          "GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL": ${{ secrets.GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL }}

If you don’t have a file, you can also remove this step:

- name: "Bump Changelog Version On Originating Release Branch"

Sorry, apparently my question wasn’t precise enough; let’s say I have version 2.10.4 ready, but it is the last patch version for this branch. When I close milestone 2.10.4, version 2.10.4 is tagged, but then milestone 2.10.5 will be created, right? If 2.10.x is no longer maintained after 2.10.4, I will be left with a useless milestone, won’t I?

Yes, but you can just delete that milestone then