Laminas CLI PHP8 app without MVC

Hello folks,

my task is to build a code for microservice that does only a single job when being called from CLI. So I want to avoid having laminas-mvc or mezzio, both coming with routers, templates and other not needed stuff.
So I’ve tried with laminas/laminas-servicemanager only (because it implements PSR11), but this failed because it uses class from Laminas/Mvc namespace (even though laminas/laminas-mvc is not a dependency of this package), so it fails hard during loading config.

My question is: Is my task possible to do with Laminas ecosystem, or do I have to bring different container that would not require Laminas MVC or Mezzio (that brings routing as well)?

Sorry for silly question with perhaps obvious answer, I’m kinda new to Laminas, still learning with it :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. What is failing and which laminas-mvc component is used?