Laminas-cli Third part command warning

I am receiving the “WARNING: This is a third-party command” noticed in the console when chaining commands. I understand why its done. Its related to this:

Is there a way to override this warning? The application and the component provided from /vendor will both be from the same provider. I would think that if the provider from both the application and the /vendor package are the same, then you should not get this warning?

There’s a related PR here.
Apparently, if you set the config option vendor-dir in composer.json under config to the directory the third-party command is in, the warning gets suppressed.
The way it works, as far as I understand it, is that it looks inside vendor-dir, vendor/laminas/, vendor/laminas-api-tools/ and vendor/mezzio/.
If the command does not lie within those folders, the warning is displayed.

(Remove third-party notice for local commands by weierophinney · Pull Request #53 · laminas/laminas-cli · GitHub)

I really do want to have to change the directory where dependencies are installed simply to prevent this notification. For example.

application level
composer.json line 2 typically
“name” : “company/project”

Dependency level
“name” : “company/their-dependency”

If company matches, I see no reason for a third party notification. I thought, the entire point was for commands to be THIRD party so why show a warning in the console because they are.

Please create an issue report and describe your use case.
Thanks in advance! :+1:t3: