Laminas-View Template system advice

Im not so much looking for code examples from this post, but more just general information and some advice on the best to accomplish my goals the “Laminas” way. My goal is to alter the view loading for the following purpose. In my application I am wanting to move the view directory to a dedicated module so that inside of /view i can have a skins directory. There will be a “default” that will include module folders for each module and their related view files. Any “skin” that is installed after the default should be able to either A) include the file and it load from the skin or B) Not include the file and have it load from the default. These are the only two paths i want the application to search and if not found then it should report that the file can not be found (since these will now be the only two valid paths). I accomplished this in ZF1 and it worked like a charm, but after a 8 year Hiatus from development both Php and the framework has evolved ALOT. My main question i suppose is this even possible in Laminas? And if so, what would be the recommended way to accomplish it without adding unwanted overhead to processing? Thank you all for your time.

If you wanted to implement your own custom template lookup mechanism, you could implement yourself, then replace the service inside the framework.

This is really how you go from template name to file path :+1:

@ocramius Thank you for the reply. I guess its time to make some coffee and fire up the debugger.