MVC Laminas returns html with empty head and body

MVC Laminas returns HTML with an empty head and body, without any errors.


Hi @dev.lubinets ,

Did you install laminas/laminas-developer-tools in your application? If not, I would suggest doing it and it will help you resolve these problems. If you; 're getting an output which you’ve shown, it means Laminas-MVC is working correctly. I can generate such an output and say there is nothing. My overriding layout.phtml file and just paste the HTML you’ve just shown. So, I would suggest to diagnose your issue with the tool and solve the issue. Thanks!

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Yes I have installed that, but I still can’t see anything

I am continue to investigate that issue)

thx for reply

Can you post a short, reproducable example that leads us to your experienced result?

thx, but I find the solution

The problem was in overriding layout.php by an empty module’s layout.php

thanks for attention