No translator provided

Hi, I’m trying to create a route like this:
$app->get('/api/tournament/{id}', [ Authentication\AuthenticationMiddleware::class, App\Handler\Tournaments\TournamentHandler::class ] , 'api.tournaments');

And receiving it like this:
$tournament = $this->em->find(Tournaments::class, 1);

But i keep getting this:
Zend \ Router \ Exception \ RuntimeException: No translator provided

How do I provide the translator? (I’m using Zend-route)

I’m guessing you haven’t setup zend-i18n.

You can find the docs here:
And there is a zend-mvc tutorial which might help:

When it says on the documentation:

The following is a configuration example that could be specified in a module or at the application level

It means that I can declare it in ./src/App/src/ConfigProvider.php ?
if so the index would be TranslatorAwareTreeRouteStack ? I tried it, without success.

Where is the correct place to declare it?