Trouble with "User Differentiation" article

I have created a project with zf3 mvc and apigility. I have admin modules which is located within ‘administrator/module’ folder (the same folder as default ‘module’ folder which I have too). I want to organize all my ajax calls with help of rest/rpc of apigility. I have done that successfully. The next step is protect all my requests to that rest/rpc apigility collection, entities and actions. There is a way to do that with Oauth2 as this is API stuff.

I am trying to follow this article to get my goal. I set ‘deny_by_default’ to ‘true’:

'zf-mvc-auth' => [
   'authorization' => [
       'deny_by_default' => true,

Also, I have this config:

'zf-mvc-auth' => [
    'authentication' => [
        'map' => [
            '\\Admin\\Module\\User\\V1\\Rest' => 'oauth2_pdo',
           'ZF\\OAuth2' => 'session',
        'adapters' => [
            'oauth2_pdo' => [
                'adapter' => \ZF\MvcAuth\Authentication\OAuth2Adapter::class,
                'storage' => [
                    'adapter' => \PDO::class,
                    'dsn' => 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=my_db_name',
                    'route' => '/administrator/oauth',
                    'username' => 'root',
                    'password' => 'mypass',
            'session' => [
                'adapter' => \Module\Application\Authentication\Adapter\SessionAdapter::class,
                'storage' => [

Also, I have created SessionAdapter as was shown at article where ‘webauth’ I have replaced with ‘Admin\Zend_Auth’ session namespace and ‘user’ role have replaced with ‘admin’ role. Also I have created UserIdentity. If you have noticed, within article within SessionAdapter’s authenticate method there is line:

$userIdentity = new Identity\UserIdentity($session->auth); where $session->auth is a string, right? But within UserIdentity __construct method is required array, right? Different types. I have modified code that UserIdentity __construct accept string identity of user (username). After that I get user object from db with help of doctrine and return user id within UserIdentity::getId() method. Also within onBootstrap method I have added authentication stuff, but instead line:

$defaultAuthenticationListener->attach(new Authentication\AuthenticationAdapter());

I have created authentication listener and added this:


Here AuthenticationAdapter was replaced with SessionAdapter because there is no AuthenticationAdapter mention within article earlier, right?

Also, I have added authorization listener where I have added rules for my ‘admin’ role:

$authorization->allow('admin', 'ZF\\OAuth2\\Controller\\Auth' . '::authorize');
$authorization->allow('admin', 'ZF\\OAuth2\\Controller\\Auth' . '::token');
$authorization->allow('admin', 'ZF\\OAuth2\\Controller\\Auth' . '::resource');
$authorization->allow('admin', 'ZF\\OAuth2\\Controller\\Auth' . '::receive-code');
$authorization->allow('admin', 'ZF\\OAuth2\\Controller\\Auth' . '::revoke');

I have added all actions of Auth controller because I experimented.

And now, I am opening my login page, fill login form with username and password and submit. Within view template I show my identity with identity plugin:

Idenity: <?= $this->identity();?>

and it shows that I am login as testusername. It’s great! Now I am opening in browser url /administrator/api/rest/v1/user/item but I see this:


But why??? I have done everything as was showing within article but with some fixes. I start to debug code with xDebug and set breakpoints within all actions of /vendor/zfcampus/zf-oauth2/src/Controller/AuthController.php but it never calls. We have this config:

'ZF\\OAuth2' => 'session',

But OAuth2 controller is never called and SessionAdapter->authenticate() method is never called to. But if I open this url /administrator/oauth in browser I wiil be redirected with SessionAdapter->authenticate() method as expected to the login page. If I send post request to the /administrator/oauth I get this:

  "type": "",
  "title": "invalid_request",
  "status": 400,
  "detail": "The grant type was not specified in the request"

Which is fine at current moment because I just need to know that ZF\OAuth2\Controller\AuthController is called.

So, it looks like that this config:

'ZF\\OAuth2' => 'session',

do nothing if I open my rest urls within browser. Also, it looks like zf-mvc-auth call bshaffer’s OAuth2 authenticate method directly without calling ZF\OAuth2\Controller\AuthController. What have I missed?

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