TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined (at creation of db-connected service)

This happen at create db-connected service, after having selected the proper table. Interesting, this happen with different versions of PHP on MacOS, but the problem does not exists on FreeBSD… The browser console show the error originates from 9e2f6fa1.vendor.js

Sounds more like a JavaScript issue at this point.
Can you provide a bit more context?

Client: Chrome on MacOS (System A)
Database: MariaDB on FreeBSD (System B)
=> Laminas API/PHP on MacOS (System A) accessed from System A: ISSUE
=> Laminas API/PHP on FreeBSD (System C) accessed from System A: WORK PERFECTLY
This means that, if Javascript is the issue issue, then must be due to different Javascript code generated by LaminasAPI/PHP on MacOS (System A) and LaminasAPI/PHP on FreeBSD. The connection to the database work and the table with the fields is shown - but you cannot create the service.

Could hang on this?

[Thu Mar 18 22:29:46 2021] PHP Deprecated: Class Laminas\Hydrator\ArraySerializable is deprecated, please use Laminas\Hydrator\ArraySerializableHydrator instead in /usr/home/gmt/api-tools-skeleton/vendor/laminas/laminas-hydrator/src/ArraySerializable.php on line 22

It seem that the UI for “Hydrator Service Name” uses “Laminas\Hydrator\ArraySerializable” (deprecated) as default but in the valid selection is “Laminas\Hydrator\ArraySerializableHydrator”

This is only a note / warning, nothing more. Everything works as before.
Hide this type of messages via PHP’s error_reporting function.