Ubuntu 20.04 laminas installation issue and workarround

I’ve rencently installed the laminas skeleton on a Ubuntu 20.04 distribution and i wold like to share an issue I have been trought.

It is related with composer.

I have installed a LAMP following a guide from a well know site and the composer via apt package manager.

When I’ve introduced:
composer self-update It shows me a strange error message :worried:

The one of the screenshot.

I followed the guide and then introduced the next intruccion:

composer install

After some time I’ve been showed this error message :worried:

After some tests and Google search I decided to begun again and this time with a manual installation of composer downloaded from the compose site. :face_with_monocle:

This time I’ve been able to finish the laminas skeleton installation. :blush:

Hope that it helps!

Sergi Garcia Besora

More information on this issue:

Composer in the ubuntu 20.04 repos is 1.10.1

The self-update flag was added to composer in 1.10.2

Self-update is really for when you have a local composer install for your project. When you have a globally installed composer via the operating system’s package manager you get the latest in the repos by apt update/upgrade.