Unwanted Point in DateSelect output

Hello experts.

Question from newbie.
I dont find the options for killing this “point” in rendered site.
How can I kill the stringified point after element birthday[‘day’] ???

I define a DateSelect in a Form:

            'name' => 'birthday',
            'type' => Element\DateSelect::class,
            'options' => [
                'label' => 'Birthday',
                'create_empty_option' => true,
                'max_year' => date('Y') - 18,
                'year_attributes' => [
                    'class' => 'custom-select mb-3 w30'
                'month_attributes' => [
                    'class' => 'custom-select mb-3 w30'
                'day_attributes' => [
                    'class' => 'custom-select mb-3 w30',
                    'id' => 'day'
            'attributes' => [
                'required' => true,


  .w30 {width: 30%!important;}
  #day { margin-left: 3px;}


  <div class="mb-3">          
      <div class="form-group">


The DateSelect element combines the three elements for day, month and year. The MonthSelect element allows to render a delimiter:

This means for your example:

        'name'    => 'birthday',
        'type'    => Laminas\Form\Element\DateSelect::class,
        'options' => [
            'render_delimiters' => false,

The class DateSelect extends the class MonthSelect.

(Btw. It often helps if you reduce your examples to the minimum. The CSS and HTML attributes are not needed here and only produce noise.)

These inheritance are very complex. Yes, that was the right option !!!

(@btw: OK)

Thank you very much :smiley: