What replaces Zend_Mail_Storage_Maildir, or what do I install@

I have some rather old PHP code (in a DokuWiki plugin) that I wrote to read E-Mail messages.

It uses Zend_Mail_Storage_Maildir.

What do I need to install to provide this, or similar, functions? It’s on my own server with root access etc. I think I originally installed a package called zendframework to provide this, obviously I don’t (didn’t) need all of this but that was the easiest way to do it. If I can just install the PHP mail handling code that would be brilliant.

This is on an Ubuntu 21.10 system with Apache2 as the web server.

The same storage type is also available in laminas-mail:


OK, thank you.

So how do I get laminas-mail installed on my system?

The Ubuntu repositories (which are my preferred place from which to install) offers php-zend-stdlib, php-zend-eventmanager and php-zend-code from the Laminas project but it’s not clear if any of these includes laminas-mail, however I suspect they don’t.

I don’t really want the whole of Laminas if I can avoid it.

If I installed just laminas-mail from github will it be missing dependencies?

Should I install composer (which is available from the Ubuntu repositories) and use that to install laminas-mail? This sounds relatively safe and easy.

Sorry for so many questions.

This is the way you have to go.

But installation alone will not work, you must rewrite your application / script. laminas-mail may contain the same type of storage, but this does not mean that your old code will work.
There are years between version 1 of Zend Framework and the Laminas components. These are two different systems.

Yes, OK, I realise it’s not a “drop in replacement” but it looks quite
well documented so I think I can find my way from there.