When do I need FactoryInterfaces?

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I have a question, I am learning mezzio and programming in general for no long time. So I had the task to create some factorys in my code. A co-worker showed me how and one time he implemented the FactoryInterface and one time he doesn’t. Do I have to use the FactoryInterface for every Factory? Because I did not use it in every Factory and it works. I could not figure out, for what exactly I need the FactoryInterface and for what not.

Can somebody explain it to me?

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If you mean Laminas\ServiceManager\Factory\FactoryInterface then no. There are two reason:

  1. The interface comes with laminas-servicemanager but you can use other dependency injection containers. This means that the interface is not always available.
  2. A factory does not have to be a class.
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thank you for the welcome!
I think that helps, thanks :slight_smile: