Why QA Check of "laminas-db" #220 is fail?

I created pool request #220
On my local computer all unit tests is success.
But pull request is failed (@see: QA Checks (PHPUnit on PHP 7.3 with latest dependencies)
If log into log we can see

    public function testProcessExpressionWorksWithNamedParameterPrefix()
        $parameterContainer   = new ParameterContainer();
        $namedParameterPrefix = uniqid();
        $expression           = new Expression('FROM_UNIXTIME(?)', [10000000]);
        $this->invokeProcessExpressionMethod($expression, $parameterContainer, $namedParameterPrefix);
        self::assertSame($namedParameterPrefix . '1', key($parameterContainer->getNamedArray())); // LINE 154
2021-09-26T13:19:58.1541476Z --
2021-09-26T13:19:58.1542106Z There was 1 failure:
2021-09-26T13:19:58.1543774Z 1) LaminasTest\Db\Sql\AbstractSqlTest::testProcessExpressionWorksWithNamedParameterPrefix
2021-09-26T13:19:58.1546087Z Failed asserting that 61507378202901 is identical to '61507378202901'.
2021-09-26T13:19:58.1558191Z ##[error]/github/workspace/test/unit/Sql/AbstractSqlTest.php:154
2021-09-26T13:19:58.1571489Z --
  1. I think, keys compare is wrong, because number(61507378202901) and string (‘61507378202901’) has like values, but different types.
  2. I don’t make changes in unit-section (only did in integration section).
    Error appears in unit-section.

Looks good now:

Yes, because uniqid() seldom return value, similar number.
I think, we need to change use uniqid() to static value (for example “param”).
So, checked value alvays vill be '“param1”.

Or we need also one test for check numeric prefix.

I did pull request #223 to fix the error.