Zend-db call RowGateway::save can not update only modified fields

Why RowGateway removed update only modified fields feature in zend-db.

And what’s a good solution in zend-db, when I just want to update the modified fields.

Code to reproduce the issue

$row;  //Get exists row;
$row->age = 13;

In ZF1

Will push "age" to modifiedFields

Execute sql:

update table_name set age=13 where id=1;

In zend-db

There is no record modified fields.

Execute sql:

update table_name set age=13, username="xxx", create_time="xxxx" where id=1;

Who knows. That’s just too long ago.

This is a feature request and can be implemented as “RowGateway Feature”.

A pull request with unit tests is always a help! :smiley: