Zend-expressive-zendrouter doesnt accept priority feature for route

i wonder why the ZendRouter doesnt allow to set the PriorityList for routes. This feature is applied in TreeRouteStack (in his extension SimpleRouteStack line 282) but the method injectRoute in zendrouter does not send in the $spec array any key named priority.

It is possible to support this feature in the near future?
thanks for your help

For a large project based on expressive I use ApplicationConfigInjectionDelegator and i need to autowire programmatic route and discoverd declarative routes.
Now the programmatic routes are pushed in the RouteCollector before the declarative routes and I need to assigne a priority to a route in the second list (in expressive last route inserted is evaluated first)

programmatic route

$app->get(’/path/to/api’, Handler\clsHandler::class, ‘my#handle’);

declarative route

0 => array(
‘path’ => ‘/path/to/api’,
‘middleware’ => array(
0 => ‘Handler\clsHandler::class’,
‘allowed_methods’ => array(
0 => ‘GET’,
‘name’ => ‘my#handle’,