Zend_Locale which replacement should I use?

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in some of our plugins in Magento, they use Zend_Locale , what do I need to change this into to make use of Laminas? The code where this is used in is:

$form['shipping_address']['country_code'] = Zend_Locale::getTranslation($shippingAddress->getCountryId(), 'Alpha3ToTerritory');

Also at the top of the php file it shows: use Zend_Locale;


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As I wrote in the other post, Zend_Locale has not been ported from version 1 of Zend Framework. You must search for a library which uses data from “Common Locale Data Repository” (CLDR) of the Unicode Consortium.

Please check commerceguys/intl and the usage of their the language repository, maybe this will provide the desired country code.

More infos:

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thanks again and apologies for missing that last sentence about Zend_Library. However just for others I’m sharing the solution. I changed use Zend_Locale to use Laminas\I18n\CountryCode and changed Zend_Locale::getTranslation to \Laminas\I18n\CountryCode::fromString.

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Thanks for your feedback and great if this works! :+1:t3: