ZF3: dynamic autoloading of module in composer

Every time I creating new module I should add it to composer by this way:

"autoload": {
    "psr-4": {
        "Application\\": "module/Application/src/",
        "Album\\": "module/Album/src/",
        "Blog\\": "module/Blog/src/"

I want enable and disable my modules from the database. Does exist another way of autoloading modules besides adding them to the composer.json? I am searching for a best practice of this.

Module autoloading used to be a thing (and I think it still works with the ModuleManager, check the docs), but it involved having multiple autoloaders, which is both a performance issue and an inconsistency.

Using composer.json is very much endorsed.

I had a conversation on the https://zendframework.slack.com and it is looks like I will add all my module to the composer.json by hand without dynamic autoloading.