ZF3 Skeleton Module not found

I installed Laminas skeleton application and tried to make the album application work. But I am facing problems when loading a module, i.e. Laminas/Db. The database exists as described for the album app but … My php version is 8.2.12
Here the error :

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Please check if the laminas-db component is installed. In the root of your project, check the file composer.json and look for the entry:

"laminas/laminas-db": "^2.19.0",

Check also the vendor directory for laminas/laminas-db.

During the installation of the skeleton application the following step is import:

Would you like to install database support (installs laminas-db)? y/N

We will be using laminas-db extensively in this tutorial, so hit “y” followed by “Enter”. You should see the following text appear:

Will install laminas/laminas-db (^2.8.1)
When prompted to install as a module, select application.config.php or modules.config.php

Can the create Process fpr laminas be repeated for an existing installation without losing existing code

This would not work because the command composer create-project creates a new project. But this is not necessary. Have you checked if the entry for laminas-db in the composer.json is present?

If laminas-db is missing, run the following command:

composer require laminas/laminas-db