A fundamental question

I am faced with a fundamental question.
Which language for a possibly larger web-project: PHP (…why)?

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PS I already realize that this forum is actually all about Lamnias. But here are the professionals.

When building some websites, you must have strong knowledge and strong tools to get velocity in your daily work.
PHP is since its v5 a good choice for a professional to work with. Because of the POO implementation inside the language.
Now it is v7 and in few months v8. It’s improving a lot and it is a great thing.
PHP can be used to build many things. Not only websites but desktop apps too. Or system scripts too coupled with the Cron.
It’s not faster than C/C++ compiled code, but it is improving. And it is a good alternative to script some tools.

Hi, thanks for the answers. it´s very helpful!
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