Which development environment

Which development environment for php / laminas?

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I use NetBeans but I believe that any environment should be good.

Hi, Thank You!
On the weekend I try to set up VSCode so that PHP can be developed with it.
I’m curious to see if that works.
How good is the support for PHP in NetBeans?
If code suggestions are made, are errors marked …?

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Since Zend Studio is dead, I use Eclipse PHP.

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Zend Studio works perfect with it

Which development environment works best will always be a very subjective thing. But here’s my opinion:
Zend Studio IS a dead end. But more importantly, PhpStorm, while not free is definitely a MUCH better development environment for me. PhpStorm helps me write better code.

I’ve used Net Beans and Zend Studio in the past, and PhpStorm blows them both away. I’d never go back to either one for php.

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Im using phpstorm. Thats convinient: dev tools, qa, git, tips, additional plugins and etc