Application slower after laminas update

I have here an application which was written in one of the first version of Laminas and was running now for a while. I updated now all Laminas components to the newest versions and since then a page load went from 1 second to 3 or 4 seconds. The application is running on a Windows server with PHP 7.4 and IIS.

Does anybody have an idea what could make the application a lot slower? We already added timestamps and we know that once the program is inside the controller action it is running fast. So it must be something at bootstrap.

That is extremely difficult to answer since we have no idea what you have running during bootstrap. The recommendation is that during bootstrap the logic should be kept as minimal as possible such as just attaching event listeners.

It is extremely difficult to troubleshoot as well. :wink: I am spending already 3 days on it.

Good point with the event listeners. We use RBAC a lot. This is something I didn’t check yet. Thanks for the hint.

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You can profile it with Xdebug and use QaCachGrind (I will look up a link to the app) to visualize the output files.

I guess you mean QCacheGrind (KCacheGrind) Windows build download |

Yep, that’s it. You may need to change the ini for the file extension. Seems like when I first started using it that it could not see the files because they were the wrong extension or something. Its been so long now I do not recall, but it will work. I use it all the time.

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