Laminas on PHP 7.4

We’ve migrated from Zend2 to both Zend3 and Laminas and we’d like to upgrade our PHP to v7.4. Is any of these Frameworks ready for PHP7.4? We see that some of the components will handle PHP7.4 but not all of them and composer doesn’t upgrade dependencies while migrating Zend Core to the latest version. Can we force migration of these components?


As far as I know, laminas components already work (and have been tested) with PHP 7.4.

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Hi, I am wondering when filtering the request params to specific PHP 7.4 types would be available.

Something as:

->getPost(‘id’, null, INT_OR_NULL)

Currently is needed to use some intval or even more complex expression to filter.

It would help if you create a feature request in the related issue tracker. Thanks in advance!