Change Application Files paths


I want to change the src application folder(Controller,Factory,Model,Event,…) to a different folder

\module\Application\src\Application from \module\Application\src\

What are the change need to make for the same.

Tried moving the folder and updating path changes in Module.php


Do not forget the autoloading that is done by Composer:

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Thanks @froschdesign

Its worked after doing composer
dump-autoload to refresh autoload files after modifying composer json and module file


Can we change the location of Module.php file

Current path is → module\Application\src\Application

Want to change to → module\Application\

Its breaking while trying to load module - $serviceManager->get(‘ModuleManager’)

Current auto load path

“Application\”: “module/Application/src/Application/”,


This is outside of the directory which is covered by the autoloading.
Therefore you must extend the autoloading.

Short example:

    "autoload": {
        "classmap": [