Don’t reflect forum engine in domain [updated with official Discourse team’s info]

It generally does not make sense and is bad practice to reflect the specific forum engine in URL address the forum is available at.

Since the forum is just started, it is not late to rename the domain from the current to more neutral engine-agnostic Thanks.

Since the topic has been prematurely closed, I’m forced to add to the starting message:

@matthew After a conversation with the Discourse team, things are now clear:

  • When using Discourse as a paid hosted service, you can use any subdomain like according to best practices.

  • With the free hosting for open-source projects, the subdomain, indeed, must be discourse (e. g. as specified in their blog post.

It’s a shame they force to use the well-known bad practice just for the purpose of branding and thus adversely affect the entire web. As an option, Discourse could be installed as open-source software on Zend’s own hosting with ability to use any domain.

Thanks for your attention.

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This is actually a requirement for Discourse to host the site, and cannot be changed.

We’re not on a paid plan, but rather their hosting for OSS projects.

Yes, we’re aware of that. However, our IT has plenty to take care of already, which is why we went with the free hosting for OSS for now. If our traffic gets to a point where we need to move off of that plan, we’ll reconsider the URI.