Error to install laminas-mvc-skeleton


I try installing l on my local machine, it tries installing laminas-cache 2.x.x Instead of 3.x.x and I got an error

Would you like to install caching support? y/N
    Will install laminas/laminas-cache (^2.11.1)
    When prompted to install as a module, select application.config.php or modules.config.php
Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

  Problem 1
    - laminas/laminas-cache[2.11.1, ..., 2.13.2] require laminas/laminas-cache-storage-adapter-apc ^1.0 -> satisfiable by laminas/laminas-cache-storage-adapter-apc[1.0.0, 1.0.1].
    - laminas/laminas-cache-storage-adapter-apc[1.0.0, ..., 1.0.1] require php ^5.6 || ^7.0 -> your php version (8.0.13) does not satisfy that requirement.
    - Root composer.json requires laminas/laminas-cache ^2.11.1 -> satisfiable by laminas/laminas-cache[2.11.1, ..., 2.13.2].

Error installing optional packages. Run with verbosity to debug
> laminas-development-mode enable
You are now in development mode.
> php bin/update-gitignore.php
> php -r 'if (file_exists("bin/remove-package-artifacts.php")) include "bin/remove-package-artifacts.php";'
> php -r 'if (file_exists("")) unlink("");'

I use fedora Linux 35 by PHP 8.0.13

For now, I suggest that you do not install cache support via the skeleton installer. Add laminas-cache after the skeleton installer is finished, and then you can add a storage adapter for the cache.

Version 3 of laminas-cache should work with your PHP version.