How come the Laminas Redis adapter does not have tags support?


I am getting a bit frustrated with the Redis implementation in Laminas. I just don’t understand why it does not support tags.

Redis supports tags by default, so how come the functionality is omitted in the Laminas Redis Adapter?

Other cache engines simply won’t work as well. MemCached has limitations, Varnish is 1st layer, Filesystem is too slow, Predis might work (but it’s 6 times slower than Redis, and is only supported by third party).

Any ideas why that is? There must be a good reason, since Laminas already has the taggableinterface set up for supporting tags.

I would love to extend it, but I don’t want to start coding tag support into the Redis Adapter, if it turns out there’s something making it impossible.

Well, there might be many reasons why redis cache adapter does not support tags already. But there 's a simple solution for this one. Write a feature request as issue on github.

Oh … there 's already a feature request: Redis storage adapter with "tags" support · Issue #45 · laminas/laminas-cache-storage-adapter-redis · GitHub

Seems like someone 's already working on taggables. You can support this issue since its tagged with “HELP WANTED”.

Welcome to open source software. :wink:

Hi @annadex,

There is a very simple solution to your problem and that is to become a sponsor. Please donate $50K for this feature to be built for all open-source users. Thanks!

Yours sincerely,