How to best grab every configured URL within a given project

Hello all! I am currently working on adding a hub page for a project with dozens of different forms. I would like to dynamically grab each configured URL and display them in a list so that we don’t have to update the page when new forms/URLs are added in the future. I haven’t found anything outside of installing/writing some type of site scrapper, and am curious if anyone has suggestions (either a specific package or built in functionality) that would best help me accomplish this. Thank you!

Laminas-mvc 2.5

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That means you need only the URLs to your forms and not all, right?
Unfortunately, we don’t know how you create your URLs for your forms and which route types are used, so we need an example. Then we will certainly find a solution.

(The problem with fetching all URLs is that some routes needs parameters and without these parameters, no URL can be assemble. A typical example is the Segment route.)

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