In Zend framework getting 500: Internal Server Error

I have one issue in zend framework got stuck due to this error

I developed Rest API but POST urls not working

500: Internal Server Error

but all get urls are working

When i debug all code its showing me error in AbstractTableGateway.php at line no 290 in executeInsert function

$result = $statement->execute();

full function code

protected function executeInsert(Insert $insert)
        $insertState = $insert->getRawState();
        if ($insertState['table'] != $this->table) {
            throw new Exception\RuntimeException('The table name of the provided Insert object must match that of the table');

        // apply preInsert features
        $this->featureSet->apply('preInsert', array($insert));

        $statement = $this->sql->prepareStatementForSqlObject($insert);
        $result = $statement->execute();

        $this->lastInsertValue = $this->adapter->getDriver()->getConnection()->getLastGeneratedValue();

        // apply postInsert features
        $this->featureSet->apply('postInsert', array($statement, $result));

        return $result->getAffectedRows();

After this line code not working means its showing above error

You should activate the error reporting in PHP and check also the configuration of the view-manager: