ZF3 problem with Db/Table/Abstract.php

I have recently upgraded my O/S to OpenSuse Leap 15.0 and that installed PHP7 and Zend 3.2.0. I use bacula for backups and have webacula as a browser front end. I had some problems even getting this to work but eventually found ways around the problems but then I was getting two messages which seem to indicate bugs in the Zend framework. I am going to post separate reports for each.

This is about Db/Table/Abstract.php which comes up with a message that count() is using the wrong type of component. At line 1307 there is the code:
'$keyValuesCount = count($keyValues);
which is causing the error. Immediately following this is a test to check whether $keyValues is an array and if not to convert to an array. By moving the line that causes the error to follow the test the error is avoided.

Hey David,

Can you maybe make a code example of a failure? What is the specific zend-db version?