Is it possible and necessary to build mysql connection pool in mezzio-swoole

Hello, I introduced the Mezzio-swoole to my workmate, he asked me whether Mezzio-swoole has implement the mysql connection pool , I check through the Mezzio-swoole document, and did not find it.
Any body knows about this? Pls so kindly let me known.

@jackD thanks for your reply!

Swoole is not equal to Mezzio-swoole. You mean there is no extra work to be done when migrate swoole-connection-pool to Mezzio-swoole? I don’t understand. I am new to Mezzio-swoole.

any demo for conn-pool used in mezzio-swoole?

I give up the mezzio-swoole framework, it is not a easy framework to start with, I change my personal site to lamias-mvc.

Please keep in mind that mezzio-swoole is only an extension for Mezzio. Mezzio itself is easy and easier then laminas-mvc! :smiley:

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I spent too much time on it.

To me, a not talented programmer, not so skilled. I need to run it well and then modify it step by step.
Now the first step is hard, it can not work at the first.